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Everything has its proper place, everything is located conveniently, and it will add value to your restaurant if set up properly. Note that within each section, accounts typically skip ten digits. Again, this information is easily pulled from a perpetual inventory system system from BinWise. By keeping a running tally of your inventory after every purchase and sale, it will always be up-to-date and accurate. To make sure we only send you the content you want, please select the subjects you’re interested in from the menu above.

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Yes, being a frugal business owner is important—wasteful spending results in income statements that show negative numbers. This is a simple framework that will lead you down the path of generating the best chart of accounts for your business. Let’s be real; at the end of the day, the chart of accounts in QuickBooks is here to serve you. When all’s said and done, here’s what a sample restaurant chart of accounts looks like.

Detailed Walkthrough of a Chart of Accounts

RASI will only use your information to contact you about our products and services. Make smart business moves and grow with the continuous education from RASI’s hospitality industry resources. A proper Chart of Accounts functions the same way as an organized back off the house restaurant station.

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Let’s look into each briefly, then see how they all come together in a restaurant chart of accounts. It may be worth outsourcing your payroll to ensure accuracy and keep you focused on the core of the business. This is a generic chart of accounts, so feel free to add and subtract as you see fit!

What Restaurant Owners/Managers Should Know About Tips

You can then take it a step further and examine your POS data to see how your menu is performing, dish by dish. This sets you up to work with your chef on menu engineering for greater profit. 2) Isn’t it time you had a better understanding of your current and future financial performance? Zachary has built Custom Restaurant Financial Models just for restaurant owners and operators. Most accounting software comes preloaded with a few different chart of account templates. You will be asked what industry you operate within, and then you will be given a preset chart of accounts.

This includes all your accounts payable to suppliers, along with company credit cards, taxes owed, and more. Bookkeepers are responsible for recording financial transactions. On the other hand, accountants interpret, classify, analyze, report, and summarize this financial data. This is the biggest difference between restaurant accounting services and restaurant bookkeeping. While accounting involves interpreting and analyzing data, bookkeeping only focus on recording. The accrual method is different from the cash method in that it accounts for transactionsas they occur.

  • You should use your chart of accounts to better understand your restaurant’s financial state and plan for its future.
  • A restaurant will obviously want separate categories for food and beverage sales, and may want further separation of beer, wine, and liquor sales.
  • There are many chart of accounts out there, but many of them are outdated or overly complicated.
  • Ensure that your accountant’s software integrates with yourPOS system.

You need it split up into food, N/A bev, bottle beer, draught beer, wine, liquor, merchandise. Each cost of goods sold number will be different when you get to your budgeting part. Let’s talk about some of the common mistakes in restaurant accounting chart of accounts and why it doesn’t work very well for most restaurant operators. I want to make it so that when you look at your chart of accounts, you know what you’re looking at.

Chart of Accounts For Restaurants

It’s especially important to have a good handle on your prime and controllable costs, as those typically have the most opportunity to be analyzed and reduced, thus increasing your profits. Revenue – The money your restaurant operation earns, including in-house food and beverage sales, takeout and delivery, catering and pop-up events and merchandise sales. This category includes the income generated by your restaurant from daily operations.


It gives you great insight into the restaurant KPI that drive your profits. Then they itemize it in the correct section—choosing to create subaccounts if further specificity for recording is needed. The chart of accounts is also an essential tool for tax compliance and will help inform your decisions about your restaurant’s financial operations. The cash accounting method the easier one for restaurants, but not always the most accurate. The method records income as it enters your bank account and expenses when they are paid.

19) Now select the file you downloaded in the first step of this process. You’ll be able to manage your food costs in the palm of your hand and never have to deal with invoices again. You can go from novice to pro by digging into the basics of your restaurant accounting. In order to figure out the financial health of your business, you or your accountant should look at yourCost-to-Sales Ratio. The other fixed costs aren’t as easy to cut back on, and they usually make up a smaller portion of your overall expenses anyway.

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Pay your taxes.Part of the reasoning behind hiring an accountant is ensuring you correctly track your taxes. Check local and state laws for the kind of taxes that apply to your restaurant. Take time to determine what your area’s sales tax rate is and how often this should be paid.

It’s where you have thebiggestchance toavoid accounting mistakes, cut costs, and increase profits. Prime cost is an important accounting term to know as a restaurant owner. Operating expenses are not the cost of the people on your payroll OR the cost of the ingredients or rent.

  • The majority of bars and restaurants are LLCs, so we’ll use that structure as an example.
  • 19) Now select the file you downloaded in the first step of this process.
  • While most softwares can handle your accounting needs, they don’t offer a specific chart of accounts that is useful for your business.

In the service of frugality, I recommend using a full-service payroll provider like Gusto. The 7000s and 8000s can be used for other income and other expenses, respectively. Like interest earned on investments or rental or temporary expenses. Here’s the skinny on restaurant charts of accounts and how you can make a useful one.

The good thing is you found us and we have a chart of accounts ready for you to use and import into Xero. Income and expense categorization based on standardized, repeatable processes. There’s no worry that one manager calculates things one way and another manager in a different way—instead, your data is precisely managed according to predefined formulas. Operating expenses are all the consumables and recurring expenses required to operate the restaurant, such as cleaning supplies, laundry, uniforms, china, and glassware. Marketing and promotional expenses fall into this category as well.

You should subdivide your accounts into greater specificity into the areas that matter most to your restaurant. For instance, if you sell a lot of beverages, you may want to break that down into asset accounts for non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, and liquor. Learn how to properly set up your Chart of Accounts for a restaurant, bar or cafe.


Depending on your restaurant’s financial situation, you may or may not have a choice when it comes to the accounting method. Even the leading bookkeeping program for small business, while it has a default selection for restaurants, fails to provide all of the accounts that most restaurant owners require. In addition, many of the expense accounts that are added are rarely used, leading to confusion during data entry, and do not help with the overview of the business finances. And since labor costs are one of the largest expenses for a restaurant, it’s important to know what it is so you can invest money wisely and increase profits. A restaurant chart of accounts is a financial and managerial tool that lists all the important financial information for your business.


It doesn’t try to fit every single scenario, but the most common instances. Once you’ve made the necessary changes to the existing accounts, go ahead sign up for our newsletter below and we’ll send you a copy of our default chart of accounts. EBiz Project is an online business providing Study abroad, Tourism, and online solutions services to both individuals and businesses. You should check with your accountant or tax preparer to ensure that anything you combine does, in fact, share the same tax line. The National Restaurant Association publishes a book titled Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants.

The download file should first be saved to your computer’s hard drive, and then “unzipped” by double clicking on it. You’ll understand exactly where your money is going so you can make changes right away to save more of it. And you don’t have to be a bookkeeping expert to master your financials.

It requires the cooperation of several teams working on different areas of your direct write off method. However, you need to retrieve information from the team to ensure accurate information is recorded and accounted for. Certain terminologies are important in understanding what constitutes accounting for restaurants.

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